Thank you

Dear Friends of the d’Art Center,

The end of our first year in the NEON Arts District is a busy and exciting time at the d’Art Center. Help us make our second year even better by donating to d’Art so we can continue the outreach we started 30 years ago, bringing artistic expression and education to the public of all ages. At the d’Art Center, we discover and elevate great talent of every age!
When we were displaced from the Selden Arcade in April 2015, we had to leave the home d’Art knew and loved for 10 years. But we faced the challenge and have been busy rebuilding and reinventing d’Art, while accustoming ourselves here in the NEON District. To date, we’ve added art education programs in partnership with the Chrysler Museum and the Slover Library; expanded our outreach programs to reach new groups of children, adults and the elderly in our community; added STEAM education to our summer camp programs; and offered free exhibitions throughout the year with national artists. I invite you to visit d’Art, which is located across from the Chrysler Museum, to visit with our resident artists and to learn first-hand about the exciting programs and events we have planned.
The d’Art Center is a little treasure of culture in your backyard! It’s your generosity that both sustains the d’Art Center and moves it forward – thank you!

Carolyn B. Phillips
Executive Director